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Transport ministry suspends Beijing exit-entry ride-hailing services

China's Ministry of Transport issued a document on Sunday, suspending ride-share businesses from entering and exiting Beijing to enhance epidemic prevention and control work in the capital city.
Source: 2020/3/2 0:41:09

New cyberspace regulation aims to prevent spread of online rumors

A new cyberspace regulation that went into effect on Sunday, prohibiting online users and platforms from publishing illegal content, fabricating and spreading rumors, is expected to further improve China's cyberspace environment, experts noted.
Source: Global Times 2020/3/1 23:43:40

'Definitely slander': factory worker debunks report of 'compelled' labor from Xinjiang

A report in the Washington Post that described how Uygur people from Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region were compelled by local officials to work in a Nike factory in East China's Shandong Province was just a smear campaign against the company and was full of lies, a senior employee at the factory told the Global Times on Sunday.
Source: Global Times 2020/3/1 22:54:57

Hubei extends strictest virus control

The strictest measures will be continued on the containment of the COVID-19 epidemic in Central China's Hubei Province, the epicenter of the outbreak, to ensure the hard-won gains persist, according to the city regulators, a move that observers and frontline medics said is needed to prevent the province and the nation from encountering a rebound of the disease.
Source: Global Times 2020/3/1 21:23:40

极速快3World's first double-lung transplant for COVID-19 infection succeeds in China

A Chinese medical team successfully carried out the world's first double-lung transplant on Saturday for a patient who was infected with the COVID-19 virus, which is of great significance in reducing critical cases.
Source: Global Times 2020/3/1 20:28:40

COVID-19 median incubation period 4 days: Zhong Nanshan research team

A research team led by Chinese top respiratory specialist Zhong Nanshan found that the median incubation period of the coronavirus disease was four days and nearly half of the patients did not have a fever when first admitted to the hospital.
Source: Global Times 2020/3/1 20:38:40

Immigration authority dismisses rumor of fleeing South Koreans swarming to Chinese cities amid epidemic

Two-thirds of recent travelers from South Korea are Chinese residents, China's immigration authority said Sunday, dismissing reports that South Koreans were fleeing in droves to Chinese cities to avoid the epidemic in their home country.
Source: Global Times 2020/3/1 22:23:40

China steps up efforts to prevent imported COVID-19 cases

China has stepped up efforts against imported cases of COVID-19 infections amid a growing number of cases in whichtravelers reportedly bring the virus into China. All passengers arriving in China must file a personal health report and have their body temperature taken at customs, officials said Sunday at a press conference by the General Administration of Customs. All confirmed cases, suspected cases, people with symptoms or having close contact with COVID-19 patients would be transferred, quarantined or undergo medical observation.
Source: Global Times 2020/3/1 21:13:40

Real-time update on coronavirus outbreak

Latest in battle against coronavirus
Source: Global Times 2020/1/22 21:15:00

22 Hubei residents poisoned after mistakenly eating antiseptic effervescent tablets

A total of 22 villagers in the epidemic-stricken Hubei Province were hospitalized after mistakenly consuming antiseptic effervescent tablets on Friday following the order of a village official, who thought the tablets were oral medication to prevent COVID-19 pneumonia.
Source: Global Times 2020/3/1 20:16:15

Man sentenced to death for killing 2 officials on duty combating coronavirus

A man in Southwest China's Yunnan Province was sentenced to death on Sunday for intentionally murdering two village officials who were on road patrol duty as part of efforts to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus.
Source: Global Times 2020/3/1 19:33:40

新助赢计划UNICEF flies in additional 12 tons of supplies to support China's response to COVID-19

The latest UNICEF shipment of medical supplies for health workers, weighing more than 12 tons, was delivered to the Government of China in Shanghai today to support its response to the COVID-19 virus outbreak.
Source: UNICEF 2020/3/1 18:47:22

COVID-19 cases of unknown source perplex researchers

Studies on the evolutionary relationships between the novel coronaviruses have provided more clues, suggesting the virus might not have originated from Wuhan, while experts called for more solid and authoritative researches.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/29 20:50:30

Some Hubei people forced into isolation despite never leaving Beijing

The Beijing municipal government admitted that some people from Wuhan, epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, were wrongly required to be isolated even though they had never left the capital city during the Spring Festival holidays. It vowed to take more precise prevention measures.
Source: Global Times 2020/3/1 16:03:40

Reports of Moscow police using violence against Chinese are baseless: Embassy

The Chinese Embassy in Russia has clarified reports by some we-media that Moscow police were using violent law enforcement against 80 Chinese citizens and detaining them with no justified reasons were not based on facts.
Source: Global Times 2020/3/1 15:44:00

3分11选5计划2,623 recovered COVID-19 patients discharged in China on Feb 29

A total of 41,625 patients of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) had been discharged from hospital after recovery by the end of Saturday, Chinese health authority said Sunday.
Source: Xinhua 2020/3/1 13:07:50

分分11选5China striving to meet medical needs of non-coronavirus patients in epicenter

China has taken measures to ensure the medical needs of non-coronavirus patients are met in Hubei Province and its capital city of Wuhan, the outbreak epicenter, a health official said Saturday.
Source: Xinhua 2020/3/1 8:39:49

Joint WHO-China report gives full recognition to China's efforts

An official report on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) released jointly by the World Health Organization and China's National Health Commission identified the disease as a zoonotic virus and stated that there is no known pre-existing immunity in humans, and everyone is assumedly susceptible to infection.
Source: Global Times 2020/2/29 16:00:50

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